Top Ten Things We Need to Learn

1No One is Perfect

2Fight for What You Believe In

3How to Handle Rejection

4When to Walk Away

5People Change

6Your Actions Have Consequences

7Not to Lie to Yourself

8To Never Give Up

9People Don't Change

10You Can't Always Get What You Want

11Just Because It's Your Opinion, It Doesn't Make It Right

12The World Does Not Owe You Anything

13That Everyone Has a Right to Be Here

14Patience is a Virtue

15How to Not Get Screwed by the Banks

16Your Quirks are Unique

17That It's Okay to Not Fit In

18Be Careful What You Wish For

19Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover

20How to Change Something Negative Into a Positive

21People are Sexier When They Eat Right and Exercise

22To Stop Overreacting

23Humans are Evolving

24When Someone is Being Genuine or Not

25How to Respect People

26To Prioritize

27Be Happy with What You Have

28Not to Live in the Past

29Haters are There So that You Can Learn from Them

30Good Manners

31How to Spell

32How to Stop Watching Porn

33Who Your Real Friends Are