Top 10 Ways to Make Christianity Look Better

1Get Rid of the Idea That Homosexuality and Bisexuality Are Both Sins

2Not Treating It Like the True Religion, But Rather One of the True Religions

3Get Rid of the Idea That God Remains Hidden to Test Us

4Write More Realistic Stories

5Abandon Creationism in Favor of Science

6Not Using God's Plan to Justify Bad Behavior

7Stop Viewing Non-Christian Things as Satanic

8Get Rid of the Concept of Hell

9Get Rid of the Idea That God is Omnipotent

10A Description of Heaven

11Replace the Christian Cross with a Different Symbol

12Get Rid of the Easter Bunny

13Get Rid of the Idea That Cussing is a Sin

14Demolish the Creation Museum, Ark Encounter, The Holy Land Experience.

15Get Rid of the Idea that Jesus Was Crucified

16Get Rid of the Idea that Jesus Was the Son of God

17State that Jesus Isn't the Christ, but Rather One of the Christs

18Get Rid of the Ku Klux Klan

19Get Rid of the Westboro Baptist Church

20View the Bible Stories as Metaphors Instead of Actual History

21Give Easter a Proper Date

22State that Other Prophets Will Return Alongside Jesus

23Get Rid of the Idea that Jesus Was Also God Himself

24Get Rid of the Idea that Jesus Created Life

25Have It Be Less Fear-Based

26Make It More Polytheistic

27Have Adam and Eve Be Black Instead of White

28Give Jesus a Birth Date. Christmas is a Hijacked Holiday from Roman Pagans Called Saturnalia

29Get rid of Satan he is a hijacked Pagan God called Pan.

30Get Rid of the Rapture

31More Explained Stories

32Instead of Creationism, Adam and Eve are Cave People Their Ancestors are Apes

33A Description of God

34Rewrite the Bible with more realistic stories not far-fetched.

35Get Rid of Santa