Top Ten Weirdest Things People Do In School

1Constantly look at the clock

2Not ask to go to the toliet becase the teacher will complain

3When the fire alarm starts, go outside, and have some hope and desire that it's a real one and you can go home

4Instead of bringing it to the pupil, throw the rubber to them

5Scroll through pages to know how many pages are left

6Swing your chair

7Secretly chew gum in class

8Daydream without knowing it

9Try to whisper a pupil next to you

10Start a flash mob

11Color with a pencil on literally everything

12Rip up your test

13Forget to do homework and lie saying it's at home

14Take a phone call

15Start erasing the board

16Stick bubblegum under the desk

17Kiss in the hallway

18Breathe out loud

19Hope a teacher would die at some point

20Pass notes

21Ask if algebra wouldn't mind if you dated the ex

22Yell "666!" in front of the popular kids

23Fling Cheetos across the classroom

24Go on PBS Kids on the computers

25Draw graffiti

26Make a giant tower of erasers

27Pick your nose

Pick your nose

28Watch a movie

29Try to make a pyramid

30Stack glue sticks on top of each other

31Get other students to join you in reenacting the Gangnam Style music video during a pep rally

32Count other pupils to know which paragraph we have to read

33Take a selfie

34Leave socks on the floor

35Shout "Boo!" at your peers