Top Ten Worst Things About Parties

1The noise

2Awkward conversations

3Being forced to participate in events when you know you are no good at them

4The music selection sucks

5Not knowing anybody there

6Being assigned to a seat

7They take way too long

8Annoying people

9The food sucks



12No video game time

13There'™s nothing to do

14People taking pictures and videos everywhere


16Cleaning up after




20You're favorite people didn't come

21Having to dress up

22Stupid people

23People ignoring you

24Having to bring food

25When they end

26No doggie bags

27No Internet

28Sitting at the kids'™ table

29Your parents interfere

30When neighbors call the police on you

31There's nobody your age to talk to

32People desperate for viral video fodder

33Party poopers

34Ugly people asking you to hook up

35The chaos