Top 10 Childish Things Adults Still Do

1Pop Bubble Wrap

Pop Bubble Wrap

2Do Cannonballs in the Pool

Do Cannonballs in the Pool

3Read Comics

Read Comics

4Eat Candy

Eat Candy

5Ride Kid'™s Coin Operated Rides and Toys

Ride Kid

6Go to Theme Parks

Go to Theme Parks

7Watch Disney

Watch Disney

8Blow Bubbles

Blow Bubbles

9Eat Popping Candy

10Suck Their Thumb

11Lick Out the Cake Bowl

12Have a Blankie

13Splash Through Puddles

Splash Through Puddles

14Laugh at a Fart

15Play Kids Video Games

16Say "Jinx!" When You and a Friend Say the Same Thing at the Same Time

17Jump in the Ball Pit

Jump in the Ball Pit

18Splash People

19Watch Childish Shows

Watch Childish Shows

20Go to Chuck E Cheese

Go to Chuck E Cheese

21Avoid Cracks

22Play with Slime

23Ride the Horses

24Daydream About Meeting Our Prince / Princess

25Plead Their Parents for Things

26Pretend the Floor is Lava

27Ride the Carousel

28Sleep With a Teddy Bear

Sleep With a Teddy Bear

29Jump on the Bed

30Eat Boiled Sweets

31Go on the Kiddie Rides in the Fairground

32Play with Toys

Play with Toys

33Believe in Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy

Believe in Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy

34Play M.A.S.H.

35Make a Paper Aeroplane