Top 10 Things We All Do But Don't Admit

1Picture yourself on stage performing the music you're listening to

2Pee in the shower

3Listen to the same music over and over again

4Fantasize about a shooting and who to save during the event

5Talk to yourself


7Wonder if life is just a dream and you will wake up some day to be some alien

8Cup your hands against your chest in the shower, let it fill with water, then splash it onto the ground

9Pee on the side of the toilet so it's not as loud

10Imagining weird things

11Daydream about who you want to be and then realize it's all in your head

12Watch porn

13Tried to get the light switch between on and off

14Think about stuff you like around school, but feel weird because you think others can read your mind

15Not flushing the toilet at night because it'¬ôs loud

16You wash your face super quick when you're in the shower because you're afraid that if you close your eyes for too long a killer will materialize in the shower with you

17Imagining how you would save the classroom if a gunman shows up


19Daydream about made-up scenarios in your head as you fall asleep

20Close the fridge door really slowly just to see when the light goes off

21Buy all the ingredients for a healthy meal then get home and binge eat sweets and biscuits.

22Look up random things on the internet

23When doing something, pretending like your doing some kind of YouTube tutorial whether in you head or outloud.

24Pick your nose

25Going back to the fridge over and over again, even though you know that there is no food in it.

26Have fantasies

27Sing karaoke songs really loud when you're home alone

28You've tried to use the force on automatic doors

29Eat boogers at a stop sign or stoplight while driving

30Wear unsuitable clothes for an event

31Stare at an imaginary camera every time something weird or crazy happens

32Cuddle with your blanket and pretend it's your crush

33Daydream about tornadoes

34Cram yourself into coin operated kiddie rides

35Tried to use the force on an object after watching star wars