Top Ten Most Annoying Things People in the Paleontology Community Say

1Flightless birds are downgraded dinosaurs

2Reptiles and birds that laid their eggs on the ground went extinct because mammals ate their eggs

3Carnivorans outcompeted other Cenozoic carnivores

4During the Great American Interchange, South American animals were outcompeted

5Feathered dinosaurs are not scary

6Every extinct large reptile is a dinosaur

7Crocodiles are living fossils

8Prehistoric animals were bigger because of higher oxygen levels

9Giant animals went extinct because they were too big

10Tyrannosaurus had an infectious bite

11There were giant insects bigger than people in the age of dinosaurs

12Placentals are the most advanced mammals

13Velociraptor was a scaly monster with cutting claws

14Mammals ate dinosaurs eggs

15Hadrosaurs were helpless predator fodder

16Dinosaurs had scales, not feathers

17Other giant carnivores can kill T. Rex

18Dinosaurs were dumb creatures

19Pterosaurs/pterodactyls are dinosaurs

20Plesiosaurs/mosasaurs are dinosaurs

21Troodon could evolve into humanoids

22Herbivorous dinosaurs were gentle giants

23Carnivorous dinosaurs were bloodthirsty monsters

24Mammoths and sabre tigers lived with dinosaurs

25Chickens evolved from T. Rex

26Spinosaurus was the ultimate apex predator

27Turtles are descended from dinosaurs

28Jurassic World is accurate

29Cloning dinosaurs would be completely unethical