Top Ten Things Metallica Has Done to Let Their Fans Down

1Collaborate with Lou Reed to Make Lulu

2Put Out Bad Albums

3Not Have Guitar Solos for St. Anger

4Sue Their Fans with the Napster Crap

5Poor Studio Production

6Mute the Bass On ...And Justice for All

7Make 3/4 of Load and 1/4 of Reload Sound Like 1 Album

8Abandon Thrash Metal

9Make a Video for "One"

10Collaborate with Ja Rule

11Make Load as an Album

12Cut Their Long Hair

13Use Weird Snare Drum on St. Anger

14Let Lars Ulrich Become Their Drummer

15Collaborate with Lady Gaga

Collaborate with Lady Gaga

16Replace the Guy Who Replaced Cliff Burton

17Get Rid of Dave Mustaine