Top 10 Reasons People Become Depressed

1They feel alone

They feel alone

2They have too much stress

3They got sexually assaulted

4They lost hope in themself

5They are getting bullied

They are getting bullied

6They feel they suck at life

7They have been exposed of their worst sin

8Not successful in school

Not successful in school

9Their friend or relative passed away

10The people around them are depressed

11They have poor sleep habits

They have poor sleep habits


13They are hurting

14They're treated as less deserving than everyone else

15Their family mistreats them

16Their favorite television show ended

17They feel like they don't deserve it

18They use social media too much

They use social media too much

19Best friend left

20They have been rejected from the person they love

They have been rejected from the person they love



22Too much debt

Too much debt

23Trying to be emo

24They don't have enough money

They don

25They'¬ôre unprivileged

26Getting insulted or insulting someone for a small mistake