Top 10 Best Things to Do on Christmas Morning (Besides Opening Presents)

1Wake Up Before Everyone Else

2Watch a Christmas TV Show or Movie

3Eat a Special Christmas Breakfast

4Wake Everyone Up With Some Sort of Loud Annoying Noise

5Honor When Jesus Christ Was Born



8Sing Christmas Carols

9Watch the Queen's Speech On TV

10Take a Christmas Morning Walk

11Carry New Presents to Your Room

12Listen to Christmas Tunes

13Wear Something Special

14Watch a Christmas Parade

15Play a Board Game

16Prank Your Family

17See How Many Presents You Have

18Organize Presents

19Go to the Waterpark

20Have a Nice Drink

21Go Downhill Skiing

22Eat Candy

23Number Every Present

24Play with Pets

25Try On All Your Clothes

26Jump on Your Parents

27Worship at Church in the Morning

28See Your Recording of Santa

29Play a Game in the Basement

30Sit Around Chatting

31Wait for Christmas Dinner

32Chug Eggnog

33Clean Your Room

34Scavenger Hunt

35Watch YouTube