Top Ten Relationship Red Flags

1When They are Non-Apologetic

2When They are an Emotional Wreck

3When They are Overweight

4When You Have to Walk on Eggshells with Your Partner

5When They Don't Have the Same Religious or Political Perspectives

6When They are Dating for the Sake of Dating

7When They Have Incredibly High Expectations of You

8When They are Incredibly High or Low Maintenance

9When They'¬ôre Overly Argumentative

10When They Talk About the Long-Term Way Too Early

11When You Two Have Different Intelligence Levels

12When You End Up with Negative Feelings After Talking to Them

13When They Constantly Lie and Make Excuses

14When They're Easily Offended

15When They Get Angry When They are Told No

16When They Have Unjustified Debt

17When They Smoke, Use Drugs or Drink Excessively

18They are Overly Nosy

19When They Have an Unhealthy BMI

20When They're Attention Hungry

21When They Cuss Too Much

22When They Have Children Out of Wedlock

23When They Have Tattoos or Piercings

24When They Obsess About an Ex Partner

25When They Engage in Casual Sex