Top Ten Most Common Rules at School

1Raise your hand before you speak

Raise your hand before you speak

2No eating in class

No eating in class

3Be on task

4Keep your hands and feet to yourself

5No talking when the teacher is talking

6Be respectful to other students

7All assignments must be done on time

All assignments must be done on time

8No running

9Always use the bathroom at break and lunchtime

10Don't vandalize school property

11Always remain in your seat

12Be nice

13Don't use foul language

14Stay focused

15Get to school on time

16Pay attention

17No racism

18Do not shout in the class

Do not shout in the class

19Don't chew gum


20No fighting

21Wash your hands

22Your pencil should be talking not your mouth

23Use the correct uniform

Use the correct uniform

24Stay focused on school work

25No phones in class

No phones in class

26Be responsible

27Follow the dress code

28Must keep pants on

29No taking off shirt and whipping others

30No loud talking in class

31Don't talk to each other

32No cursing unless you really have to

33Keep class room neat and clean, and well decorated

34No foul language

35Obey the rules