Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Having Braces



2Eating at other people's houses

3Being offered food you can't eat

Being offered food you can

4Wearing elastics

5Food restrictions

Food restrictions

6Getting hit in the teeth


8Technical difficulties

9Getting your wires changed each time you go to the dentist



11Not being able to eat most of your school lunch

Not being able to eat most of your school lunch

12Biting your cheek/lip

13The amount of canker sores is unbearable

14You can't eat

You can

15Poking wire

16You can only use the brackets as metal teeth since the lower molars are folded inwards



18Having ulcers

19Looking like a nerd

Looking like a nerd

20Getting beat up at school

Getting beat up at school

21Trying to kiss with braces

Trying to kiss with braces

22Can't bite into anything

23Looking weird smiling with your teeth showing

Looking weird smiling with your teeth showing

24You feel ugly

You feel ugly

25Teeth pillows



27Swallowing elastic

28Tightening them

29Springs on front bottom teeth

30Wearing a retainer

Wearing a retainer

31Having them leave train tracks on everything that you eat.

32You can't smile

33Your teeth look small and yellow


35The orthodontist