Top 10 Things Kids Want to Do that Adults Can



2Watch Movies for Adults

Watch Movies for Adults

3Not Go to School

Not Go to School

4Drink Alcohol

Drink Alcohol

5Stay Up All Night

Stay Up All Night

6Buy What They Want

Buy What They Want

7Hang Around With the Older Crowd



9Buy Lots of Candy

Buy Lots of Candy

10Get a Job

Get a Job

11Be a Parent

Be a Parent

12Have Sex

Have Sex

13Live on Their Own

14Request Time Off



16Play Violent Video Games

Play Violent Video Games

17Wear Adult Clothing




20Go Places Without Supervision

21Get a Tattoo

Get a Tattoo

22Have a Phone

Have a Phone

23Have a YouTube Channel

Have a YouTube Channel

24Stay Up Late

25Have a Facebook Account

Have a Facebook Account

26Get a Dog

Get a Dog

27Go to a Casino

Go to a Casino

28Get a Cat

Get a Cat

29Drink Energy Drinks

Drink Energy Drinks

30Eat What They Want

31Watch Porn

32Go Skydiving

33Own a Gun

Own a Gun

34Watch Adult TV Shows

35Confront Their Teacher