Top 10 Things We're All Doing While Under Coronavirus Lockdown

1Spending hours on the internet on our tiny phones while sitting in front of our computers

2Asking ourselves, "Am I hungry or bored?"

3Thinking of all the home projects we could be doing, and not doing them

4Desperately trying to bring the old productive schedule back (to avoid failing exams) but ending up wasting the whole day due to excessive procrastination

5Changing out of our night time pajamas into our daytime pajamas

6Debating between continuing to sport an overgrown hairstyle and risking cutting our own hair

7Trying desperately and frustratedly to get work done in the home environment

8Exploring the dark recesses of the Netflix library

9Video chatting with friends and family

10Pushing the lower limits of how much toilet paper is required to get the job done

11Teaching yourself to cook things previously unknown to you

12Only worrying about our appearance from the waist up because that's all that will be seen in video conferencing

13Dusting off old board games, jigsaw puzzles, and coloring books

14Social distancing

15Pretending to pay attention while video conferencing

16Binge watching movie series

17Wearing the same clothes everyday

18Learning to play an instrument

19Accumulating money that you would otherwise be wasting

Accumulating money that you would otherwise be wasting

20Making lists on TheTopTens about things we'¬ôre all doing while in lockdown

21Inventing new cocktails using whatever alcohol is remaining in the house

22Binge watching shows you hate

23Eating everything in the fridge

Eating everything in the fridge

24Having a fashion show indoors

25Reading George Orwell's 1984

26Spring cleaning

27Going for walks

28Crying because your birthday party was canceled.