Top Ten Best Things About Being a Quiet Person

1People think you're a good listener

2People think you are a deep thinker

3You're not expected to speak at important events

4You get more shock value out of saying wildly inappropriate things

5People see you as mysterious

6People listen when you do have something to say

7People are less likely to consider your short responses rude

8You can more easily duck out of inane conversations

9People don't get as mad when you screen their calls and respond by text

10Women are attracted to you

11You get more opportunity to taste your words before letting them out

12Annoying people don't try to keep talking to you but instead bother other (more social) people

13You are more perceptive

14You are less bored

15You don't find yourself in controversial conversation

16You endure boredom

17Nobody cares you are right next to them so you get the drama on literally everyone

18You are smarter than others because you think more

19You are more curious about everything

20You pay attention more often