Top 10 Reasons Why GoGuardian Sucks

1It spies on students

It spies on students

2It blocks school appropriate websites

It blocks school appropriate websites

3It blocks many YouTube videos that aren't even inappropriate

4It blocks most game websites

5You can't remove it from your computer

6It violates the 4th Amendment

7It blocks most proxies

8It lets teachers close tabs

9It blocks websites even if you're at your own house

It blocks websites even if you

10The logo sucks

The logo sucks

11It can spy on your home computer if you sign in to your school account at home

12It lets teachers disable your browsing

13It sees your search history

14It blocks school appropriate games

It blocks school appropriate games

15it blocks helpful websites

16It can see through your webcam

17It tracks your location

18It lets teachers see what you are doing even at home

19Teachers can lock you out of your computer

20It can take screenshots

21Teachers can see what tab is open at all times

22It will block things because they are categorized as ''Unknown''

23It blocks educational videos

24It still works when you use out of school mode

25It sometimes blocks school websites

26It blocks your whole screen