Top Ten Reasons Why It Sucks to Be 12

1"Sorry, you must be at least 13 to use [website]"

2Older kids bully you

3"Please enter your parent's email address"

4No going to see a PG-13 movie by yourself

5The librarian won't let (or at least disapproves of letting) you get a teen/young adult/adult book.

6You aren't viewed as mature, responsible, or trustworthy

7People don't take you seriously

8People still call you a little kid

9You're going through puberty

10Adults still talk about you in front of you.

11You still have to order from the kid's menu at restaurants

12You can't drive

13You are viewed as a child

14Everyone mistakes your age.

15You're not a teen

16You have to go to school

17Everyone uses 12 as an insult

18You have to have adult supervision for everything

19You're in grade 6

20People see all of you as extremely immature, irresponsible and wild

21You're still a kid

22You can't have sex

23You can't date

24You can't go out in the night

25You get depressed

26Sometimes you want to be a teen and sometimes you want to be a kid

27You are too young to earn your own money