Top 10 Scenarios If Christianity Never Existed

1Europe would have many different religions

2Less homosexuals would be persecuted

3We'd have more freedom

4Polytheism would be more popular across the world

5Most world flags would not have crosses on them

6Ostara instead of Easter

7Saturnalia or Yule instead of Christmas

8The Crusades would never have happened

9The Roman Catholic Church wouldn't have existed

10Everyone would go to hell

11Islam would not have risen

12Europe would still have tribes

13Europe would be even more divided

14Most of the world would be sexist

15The world would be more advanced scientifically

16Austria would be controlled by the Zoroastrian Turks

17Jesus's death would not be the push for his followers to spread his teachings

18Marilyn Manson's career wouldn't exist today

19No hospitals

20Mythical gods and goddesses would still be around

21Judaism would be the state religion of the Romans

22Entertainment (Harry Potter, rock music) would not be called Satanic

23No Christian cartoons

24The Book of Shadows instead of The Bible

25Vesak instead of Christmas

26No creationism

27No Veggietales

28No Christian television channels

29Hospitals would be opened by atheists

30Atheists know more about medication than Christians so they would open the hospitals

31People would know if something is Pagan e.g. Roman, Greek, Celtic.

32America wouldn't have had been angry at The Beatles in the 60s

33No Christmas

34Ken Ham would have a different job. He wouldn't have the creation museum and ark.

35No abuse in Catholic Church