Top 10 Most Annoying Questions Parents Ask

1What are you doing?

2How was school?

3Who are you texting?

4What is your password?

5May I use your laptop/phone?

6What's the worst that can happen?

7Who are you talking to?

8What did you get on the test?


10Who did you dance with?

11May I see what you're doing?

12Who did you sit with at lunch?

13Who is your friend?

14How many friends do you have?

15Who is ____?

16May I see your Instagram?

17Who is your boyfriend/girlfriend?

18Why aren't you doing your homework?

19When will I have grandchildren?

20What are you thinking about?

21Why are you always on your phone?

22You didn't do this, did you?

23When will you get a job?

24You didn't do this, did you? If I find out, then you are punished!

25What is ____?

26Are you interested in boys/girls yet?

27How old are you?

28Will you be cold?

29What is your favorite holiday?

30Where did you go?

31What's the date?

32Which schools do your friends attend?

33What are you doing right now?

34Do you want to go to school, even though you have to go regardless?

35Are you gay?