Top 10 Lies You Were Told About Homosexuals

1Gay men are likely to molest children

2Same sex parents are incapable of raising a child

3All gay men are feminine

4Gay men are attracted to all men

5No one is born gay

6Allowing gays to serve openly will damage the armed forces

7HIV and AIDS are primarily diseases among gay men

8Gay men are obsessed with sex

9People become homosexual because they were sexually abused as children

10Homosexuality is unnatural

11Homosexuality is a sin

12Gay men are into fashion

13Lesbians are men in denial

14Gay men are the best hairdressers

15Being friends or hanging around with someone who is gay will make you gay

16Homosexuality is wrong

17All gay men are sensitive

18All gay men love musical theatre

19All homosexuals like abs

20Homosexuality is a choice

21Gay men are into makeup

22Gay men are the best makeup artists

23Gay men are the best fashion designers

24Gay men wears skirts

25Gay men wears dresses

26Gay men only like the color pink

27Gay men wears women's shoes

28Lesbians hate skirts

29Lesbians hate dresses