Top 10 Most Annoying Things Your Cats Do


2Wake you up at early hours to make you feed them

3Leave dead mice, birds, rats, etc. on your carpet

4Try to steal bacon from your breakfast plate

5Demand more food when the food bowl is full

6Play with power leads, earphones, Christmas decorations, etc. as if they were play strings

7Settle on your chest and dig their claws into your flesh

8Rub their faces against the book or electronic device in your hand

9Sit on your nice, warm laptop or in front of the TV

10Vomit on the floor

11Sit in your wardrobe and leave piles of hair behind

12Knock things over

13Be noisy when you are trying to sleep

14Scratch on your sofa

15Eat your books

16Play with your plants

17Follow you everywhere you go

18Poke you with their sharp claws

19Sleep in places you have to get to and won't move

20Headbutt you

21Meow super loud at the worst times

22Sneeze and snot all over the place

23Walk on your stuff

24Steal the soap from dish on the sink

25Leave their fur everywhere

26Knead your scalp with their claws when you're asleep

27Pee in the bathtub

28Lay across newspapers, books, or magazines you're trying to read

29Jump on the table

30Jump on the counters

31Play late at night

32Break things

33Keep going in areas they are not allowed

34Pull your hair