Worst Things that Could Happen to You in Front of Your Crush

1You rip the wettest, loudest fart ever

2Your pants rip when you bend down

Your pants rip when you bend down

3Teacher yells at you

4Your crush talks behind your back

5People laugh at you

6You accidentally hit them in the face

7You throw up

8You trip down the stairs

9Your stomach decides to sound like a dying whale

10They catch you talking about them

11You get a period attack and it bleeds through your light coloured pants

12You bend over and your buttcrack hangs out

13You can't hear what they are saying, so you keep saying, "what?"

14Your pants get water on them and everyone thinks it's pee

15You cough or sneeze on them

16You run into them

17Your crush finds out you like them

18You spill a drink on them

19You walk into a wall

20You get shoved into them

21You trip and fall

22You kick them by mistake

23You burp out loud

24You act dumb

25Your crush runs into you

26Playing embarrassing music out loud by them

27You cry hysterically