Top 10 Rights that Children and Teenagers Should Have

1The Right to Vote in Government Elections

2The Right to Speak Up for Themselves Even to an Adult

3The Right to Self-Determination in School

4The Right to Choose Their Home Environment

5The Right to Open A Personal Bank Account Without A Parent's Approval

6The Right to Own and Manage Property

7The Right to Have Money

8The Right to Sue

9The Right Not to Attend School

10The Right to Choose What to Do If They Get Pregnant

11The Right to Drive and Travel Freely

12The Right to Wear the Clothing They Want

13The Right to Disagree With Their Parents Buying a New House

14The Right to Access "Adult" Entertainment

15The Right to Make Decisions Without Being Criticized

16The Right to Drink Alcohol

17The Right to Be Part of LGBTQ+ Community and Not Get Judged

18The Right to Free Lunches

19The Right to Wake Up Late

20The Right to Speak to an Attorney

21The Right to Get a Job

22The Right to Purchase a Firearm

23The Right to go Strip Clubs

24The Right to Run Away

25The Right to Serve on Jury Duty

26The Right to a Free Education Up to College

27The Right to Enlist in the Military