Top Ten Ways Republican Politicians Are Irrational

1Their number one priority is themselves

2They prioritize the welfare of billion dollar corporations over the welfare of America

3They believe good healthcare isn't a natural right

4They lie to us all the time

5They think spending 400 billion dollars for a defective fighter jet is worth it

6They desperately deny well-established hard science

7They are sexist

8They are racist

9They use lies to get themselves elected

10They use religion as an escape goat

11They want to bring America back to the 1700s

12They complain about Muslims more than right-wing extremist terrorists.

13They think common folk aren't important

14They use bait and switch on every single thing they do

15They keep thinking that Barack Obama is the worst president in history

16They refuse to accept that Trump lost in 2020

17They are homophobes