Top Ten Worst Things About Periods


2Laughing or Sneezing Out the Niagara Falls

3Massive Cravings for Food

4Worrying About Leaking

5Feel Tired/Sick

6Crazy Hormones

7Having to Tell a Teacher You Have Started

8Having to Change Every Few Hours

9Feels Horrible When It Comes Out



12Freaking Out Over Any Change to Your Cycle


14Teachers Will Not Let You Go to the Bathroom to Change

15Back Pain

16Eating Something Naughty Like Chocolate and Then Feeling Really Bad Afterwards

17Sore Boobs

18The Heavy Days


20Bleeding Through Your Pad

21So Many Feminine Hygiene Options

22The Amount of Toilet Paper You Use Every Time You Go to the Bathroom

23Feeling Really Hot and Feverish Then Feeling Freezing Cold

24Starting While You're Asleep Ruining Your Underwear, Pants, Sheets, etc.


26Bloody Toilet

27Trouble Breathing

28Having to Check Every Time You Go to the Bathroom

29Having to pack hygiene products whenever you get it on vacation

30The amount of baby wipes you use every time you go to the bathroom

31When You Put a New Tampon in and Then Panic Because You Cant Remember If You Took the Other Tampon Out


33Bloody Trash Can

34Girls Have Them Earlier Than Before

35Leaving a Mess When Changing