Fossil Discoveries that Could Happen in the Future

1Confirmation of Nanotyrannus being a fully grown or larger morph of Dakotaraptor, rather than a small tyrannosaur.

2Discovery of a new genus of Pachycephalosaur with manipulative feet/hands and extremely high intelligence.

3Discovery of a basal ceratopsian from the late Jurassic period in North America.

4Discovery of a Paleocene non-avian dinosaur or pterosaur which survived after the KPG extinction event (66 mya).

5Discovery of a Columbian mammoth mummy

6Discovery of a dwarf abelisaur on Hațeg Island.

7Discovery of a complete Giganotosaurus skeleton

8Discovery of mummified remains of a Tyrannosaurus.

9Confirmation of ammonites living far beyond the Mesozoic

10Discovery of a mummy of a late-surviving chalicothere.

11Discovery of a complete skeleton of Spinosaurus

12Resolution of the lifestyle of Spinosaurus.

13Discovery of a late-surviving basal tyrannosauroid in Asia or North America.

14Discovery of feathers from a Therizinosaurus.

15Discovery of an American mastodon mummy

16Discovery of a fossilized Velociraptor skeleton with irrefutable evidence of feathers all over its body

17Discovery of a North American spinosaurid

18Discovery of a Smilodon mummy somewhere in the Americas

19Discovery of viable DNA of a non-avian dinosaur or pterosaur

20Discovery of viable pre-Pleistocene animal DNA

21Discovery of a North American abelisaurid of the late Cretaceous

22Discovery of late-surviving adapiform primates in North America

23Discovery of viable dinosaur DNA

24Discovery of definite late Cretaceous stegosaurs

25Discovery of late-surviving chalicotheres in North America

26Discovery of late-surviving prosauropods in between late Jurassic and late Cretaceous