Top Ten Stupidest Reasons to Commit Suicide

1You don't want to go to school

2You found out you could blink

3You played Bubsy 3D

4Your Favorite TV Show is not on Right Now

5SpongeBob SquarePants got cancelled

6You got Rickrolled

7You want to visit Jesus

8Forgot to save in a video game

9You accidentally got someone's skin color wrong in fanart

10You had to watch Video Brinquedo movies

11Tyga broke into your house and won't stop humping your goat

12You're bored

13You had to watch Super Minecraft Kid

14Just out of curiosity to see what would happen if you died

15Your boyfriend left you

16TheTopTens went offline

17You are forced to go to a Justin Bieber concert

18Your TV broke

19Because it's monday

20You are over 90 years old and in pain

21Your favorite character on Supernatural died


23Liv and Maddie got cancelled

24You don't have a girlfriend

25Justin Bieber becomes the next Micheal Jackson

26You hate Sword Art Online

27Your phone got destroyed

28You're so happy you want to die

29You don't have a boyfriend

30Someone took the last piece of cake or pie

31You step on a Lego

32You got bullied

33You got raped

34You don't have the newest iPhone

35You have a terrible runny nose