Top Ten Reasons to Stay Single

1You get to make all the decisions yourself

2More room in your home for yourself

3No arguments

4More money to spend on yourself

5You won't have to worry about divorce

6You can be selfish

7You can't cheat and have it be really bad

8You can spend more time with friends

9You won't have to waste money on the wedding

10Some relationships are toxic

11Many relationships don't last

12No second family

13It's isolating

14No broken heart

15You're less stressed

16No drama

17You can own any pet that you want

18It can be safer in terms of house robbery

19Singularity doesn't mean loneliness

20No jealousy issues

21Marriage can put friendships at risk

22Marriage can lead to the habit of relying on one individual for every need

23More personal space

24Marriage benefits men not women

25You may not be happy yet

26You have peace and quiet

27You can focus on your own interests and hobbies

28You don't have to answer to anyone

29You don't have to share anything

30Better chance of getting hired

31You can sleep with whoever you want to

32You might not know who you want to be with

33Personal Growth

34You can focus on your career

35You can watch whatever you want to