Top 10 Ways to Tell If a Boy Likes You

1He stares at you and when you notice he is staring he quickly looks away

2He always tries to make you laugh or smile

3He stares at you

4He smiles at you a lot

5He teases you but doesn't tease other girls

6He always tries to be with you

7He tries to act all cool around you

8He tries to be friends with you

9He always makes you smile

10When you walk near him and his friends, his friends start to tease him about it

11He tries to bully or tease you to hide his true feelings

12He is nervous when he talks to you and he stutters

13He looks at you all the time and never looks away

14He asks you out

15He imitates you

16When someone says that you like him he says "I don't care" and "shut up".

17He listens to whatever I say

18He tries to play fight with you

19He puts his hands on your shoulders when he talks to you

20He always picks you if you guys are playing Heads Up 7up

21He invites you to hang out or something

22He tries to stay away from you because it is embarrassing

23He always looks you in the eyes and avoids you

24He is protective

25He stays completely away from you but hangs out with other girls

26He blushes or smiles when you stare at him

27He always talks to you or always tries to show you cool things.

28Always makes you laugh to just see your smile

29If you drop something he picks it up but not for other girls

30He always tries to impress you

31He talks about himself

32He remembers random facts about you

33He will get super embarrassed if he messes up around you

34He plays with your hair

35He ignores you