Top 10 Biggest Atrocities Committed in the Name of Religion

1Jihads (Islam)

2Muslim Conquests 622-1924 (Islam)

3The Crusades (Christianity)

The Crusades (Christianity)

4Armenian Genocide (Islam)

59/11 (Islam)

9/11 (Islam)

6Mistreatment of Women (Islam)

7Ethnic Cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus (Islam)

8The Inquisition (Christianity)

9Thuggee Murders (Muslim)

10Beheading of Journalists (Islam)

11Genocide of Native Americans (Christianity)

12The Holocaust (Christianity)

13The Ku Klux Klan Murders (Christianity)

14Mayan Sacrifice (Mayan)

15Witch Hunts & Wiccan Murders (Christianity)

16Biblical Endorsement to Mistreat Homosexuals (Christianity)

17French Wars of Religion (Christianity)

18Boston Marathon Bombings (Islam)

1930 Years' War (Christianity)

20Abortion clinic bombings (Christianity)

21Satanic Sacrifices (Satanism)

22India and Pakistan Partition (Hindu & Muslims) 1947

23Incan Sacrifice (Incan)

242009 Fort Hood Shooting (Islam)

257/7/2005 (Islam)

26Death of Elyse Pahler (Satanism)

27Christchurch Mosque Shootings (Christianity)

28The Peoples Temple Suicides (Christianity)

The Peoples Temple Suicides (Christianity)

29Circumcision (Judaism)

30Mahmud of Ghazni, the slaughter at the Temple of Somnath (Islam)

31Anabaptists (Christianity)

32Crimes of Ricky Kasso (Satanism)

33Gujarat Riots (Hinduism)

3426/11/2008 (Islam)

35Indian Rebellion of 1857 (Christianity)