Top 10 Most Annoying Things About iTunes

1High Prices

2Slow Download Time

3Incorrectly Marking Material as Explicit

4Bias Towards Music and Movies

5Genius Feature Issues

6Pointless Music Compilations

7Requirement to Buy Entire Album for Songs Over Ten Minutes

8Incomplete Song Library

9Automatic Re-transfer of Removed Media Upon Reconnection

10Incorrect Genre Classification

11Playlist Disruption During Transfers

12Unclear Impact on Song or Band Popularity

13Limited Preview Options

14Poor Song Segues

15Unnecessary Album Mixes and Digital Booklets

16Frequent Updates

17Album-Only Song Purchases

18Artist Reluctance Towards iTunes

19The "Ping" Feature

20Annoying Tribute Ringtones

21New Version Download Prompts

22Failure to Mark Songs as Explicit

23Poor Promotion of Good Albums

24Incorrect Album Release Dates

25Intrusive Pop-Ups

26Sluggish Performance

27Unexpected Freezing