Top Ten Reasons to Shut Down SeaWorld

1A Tank Can't Replace the Ocean

2Sea World Breaks the Animal Welfare Act

3Sea World Breeds with No Regard to the Animal's Health

4It Isn't Safe for the Public

5In Sea World, They Live Shorter Lives

6They Separate Calves from Their Mothers

7Animals are Taken from Their Life and Family

8They Drug Their Whales

9They Stole Baby Emperor Penguins

10It's Cruelty Disguising as "Entertainment "

11Seaworld Only Gives the Animals Food If They Do the Tricks Right.

12The Collapsed Dorsal Fins

13The Way It Started

14They Will Stop Orca Shows in 2016

15The Orcas Burn in the Sun

16The People that Own It Only Care About Money

17They Lie to the Public

18They Kill Almost Every Animal Taken in to Their Services

19The Rides Suck

20They Kill the Blackfish

21They Try to Make the Animals Seem Bad

22Their Whales Become Aggressive Because of Captivity

23The Whales and Penguins are Treated Unnaturally

24They Constantly Lie About Animals

25They're Bad Caretakers

26They Downgraded Journey to Atlantis

27The Workers are Ugly

28The Trainers are Not Biologists

29The People Stink There

30It's Nasty There

31The Tanks are Dangerous for the Animals

32Orcas at Seaworld Have Shorter Lifespans

33A Female Trainer Got Killed by an Orca

34They are Taken Away from Family and Friends

35It Gives Animal Rights Extremists Something to Hate