Top Ten Most Awkward Things That Happen at School

1Teacher makes a joke and no-one laughs

2Person is giving answer to question and mistakely reads out the stupid sex joke his friend wrote on his book

3A dude is talking and another dude spits a spitball which lands in his throat

4Student expresses feelings for crush in front of class

5Person gets up and their pants falls down

6Girl gives air kisses to her friend on the cheek, friend mistakely turns and they lock lips

7Person talks about a creepy teacher, teacher is standing behind them

8Student makes joke about teacher and teacher eventually finds out

9Student pees pants

10Getting a hanging wedgie on the flagpole the day you wore your frilly pink granny panties in front of everyone

11Getting put into the wrong classroom because you are tall and look old

12Person smiles at crush just to get hit by their best friend behind him

13Student slobbers all over desk during a nap after a test

14Teacher announces to class students that got an F on the test

15Student does dumb thing in practical test and awkwardly covers it

16Teacher finds out about secret crush and tells the class

17Person's friend gets excited and slaps them hard on the face

18Person messes their face with food and crush laughs hard at them

19Student gets stuffed in locker

20Having to poop at school

Having to poop at school

21Walks backwards and trips over some kid's shoe and lands on their crush

22Teacher mistakenly changes smartboard background to porn

23Student's shirt gets caught on desk and tears off

24Getting yelled at by the teacher in front of the whole class

25When you accidentally call your teacher Mom.

26Teacher screams bloody murder

27Student farts while giving class demonstration

28Getting pantsed in front of a crush

29Making a sex joke in front of a sex education teacher

30People staring at you awkwardly or weirdly

31Student gets stuff drawn on face

32Science teacher showing students NOVA videos but accidentally shows a teacher's sex tape.

33Your pad leaking when you need to do an oral report

34Some creepy person stalks you

35When your crush knows that you like/love them and the teacher pairs you up with your crush