Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Older Sisters

1They tease you

2They never give you privacy

3They think that they're the boss of the house

4They tell you what to do

5They only worry about themself

6They're spoiled brats

7They hit you

8They sometimes bully you for no reason

9They treat you like a maid

10They sometimes tell on you

11They do things they don't let you do.

12They get mad at you for no reason.

13They always yell their voices out.

14They say shut up whenever they've run out of arguments

15They call you a girl, even though you're just a boy

16They think they're cool because they're older

17They're always trying to annoy you

18They get away with everything

19They're bossy and think they're the best.

20They listen to terrible pop music

21They don't flush the toilet after using the bathroom

22They ignore you

23They don't stop when mom/dad tells her to.

24They can do basically anything that you can't do

25When they get to stay up later than you

26They're arrogant

27They think they are so smart

28They have a low pain tolerance

29They always act like 15 year olds even if they are thirteen

30They're into girly stuff

31When you tell them to do something and they do the exact opposite

32Say "sorry" as if they really mean, but they dont.

33They always get away with things because they're a girl

34She likes something I have and then does whatever she can to get it too

35When you ask them to stop singing they look at you and continue singing but quieter