Most Common High School Stereotypes

1The Average Kid

2The Mean Girl

The Mean Girl

3The Fake Friend

4The Nerd

The Nerd

5The Badass

6The Idiot

7The Thots

8The Bitch

9The Artist

The Artist

10The Loner

11The Pothead

12The Jock

13The Emo

The Emo

14The Anime Kid

15The Gamer

The Gamer

16The Queen Bee

17The Gay One

18The Socially Awkward One

19The Theater Nerd

20The Geek

The Geek

21The Rebel

22The Class Clown

23The Indian

The Indian

24Epic Gamers

25The Prep

26The Princess

27The Troublemaker

28The Goth Kids

The Goth Kids

29The Band Geek

30The Cute Nerd

31The Teacher's Pet

32The Punk

The Punk

33The Wannabes

34The Wise/Reasonable Person

35The Skater

The Skater