Top Ten Most Annoying Girly Stereotypes

1We have a squeaky or high-pitched voice

2We wear puffy pink dresses

3We can't play video games

4We are slower than boys

5We stay home and do chores

6We are weak

7We love the color pink

We love the color pink

8We can't play sports

9We love make-up too much

We love make-up too much

10We are dumb

11We swoon over boy bands

We swoon over boy bands

12We aren't gay unless we are tomboys

13We like unicorns

We like unicorns

14We want to be the queen

We want to be the queen

15We like barbies

We like barbies

16We like dolly tea parties

17We hate action movies

18We love to wear lipstick

We love to wear lipstick

19We think boys all have "cooties"

20We are obsessed with fashion

We are obsessed with fashion

21We like rainbows

We like rainbows

22We don't like to get dirty

23We like shiny jewelry

24We love romantic movies

25We like to be skinny

26We are all hot and sexy

27We Love My Little Pony

We Love My Little Pony

28We don't like sports

29We are mommy and daddy's little girl

30We love to wear high heels

31We are nicer than tomboys

32We hate dogs and love cats

33We only hang out with girly girls

34We want a prince

35We want to live in a castle