Best Early Eliminations in Total Drama

1Eva's first elimination (Total Drama Island)


2Fashion Bloggers (Ridonculous Race)

3Harold (Total Drama World Tour)

Harold (Total Drama World Tour)

4Bridgette (Total Drama World Tour)

Bridgette (Total Drama World Tour)

5B (Total Drama Revenge of the Island)

6Dawn (Total Drama Revenge of the Island)

Dawn (Total Drama Revenge of the Island)

7DJ (Total Drama Action)

8Lightning (Total Drama All Stars)

9Cody (Total Drama Island)

Cody (Total Drama Island)

10Leonard (Total Drama Pahkitew Island)

Leonard (Total Drama Pahkitew Island)

11Gwen (Total Drama Action)

Gwen (Total Drama Action)

12Beardo (Total Drama Pahkitew Island)

13Ezekiel (Total Drama Island)

14Noah (Total Drama Island)

15Staci (Total Drama Revenge of the Island)

16Tyler (Total Drama Island)

Tyler (Total Drama Island)

17Ezekiel (Total Drama World Tour)

18Amy (Total Drama Pahkitew Island)

19Justin (Total Drama Island)

20Bridgette (Total Drama Action)

Bridgette (Total Drama Action)

21Beth (Total Drama Island)

Beth (Total Drama Island)

22Leonard and Tammy (Total Drama Ridonculous Race)

23Katie (Total Drama Island)

24Sadie (Total Drama Island)

25Sierra (Total Drama All Stars)

26Geoff (Total Drama Action)

Geoff (Total Drama Action)