Top 10 Stupid Things to Do at School

1Pull the fire alarm



3Make a bomb threat

4Leave the gas taps on

5Burn the desks on purpose

6Poop on the ground

7Launch an airsoft assault on your class

8Throw a rock at the window

9Put thumbtacks on someone's seat

10Change every computer's language to Arabic

11Curse out a teacher

12Draw a thing on the whiteboard

13Randomly call people a hoe

14Clog the toilet on purpose

15Launch fireworks

16Use someone for their smarts

17Running around naked

Running around naked

18Slap your teacher's butt

19Dress in a banana costume

20High five someone when they raise their hand

21Ask your teacher if they are gay

22Chop a gluestick with a ruler and throw it at your teacher

23Ask random people to marry you

24Light the garbage can on fire

25Take a piss in the garbage can

26Cheat off someone's test

27Drop a glue stick on the floor upside-down

28Search up porn on the teacher's laptop and show the teacher

29Scream for no reason

30Eat crackers and let your teacher have some

31Vlog on your teacher's phone

32Drink milk in class

33Make out with your teacher

34Smell your teacher's butt

35Throw the eraser at someone