Top Ten First Things You Think On Your First Day of Middle School

1Where do I go?

2Too many people!

Too many people!

3How do you open a locker?

How do you open a locker?

4Will my teacher be nice?

5I want to open my locker!

6I hate school!

7I wish summer vacation was right now

I wish summer vacation was right now

8Are the 8th and 7th graders mean?

9I'm a big kid!


10I'm going to get trampled by these people

11Noooo! Too much home work!

Noooo! Too much home work!

12Dang it!

13Are there any cute boys/girls?

14I hate all you people already

I hate all you people already

15Aw hell no!

16I hate passing periods.

17Get me out of here!

18Why does everyone only listen to rap music?

19Will I be beaten?

20That guy is hot!

21I can go make new friends

22I want to die

I want to die

23I'™m blowing up this place


24I hardly know anyone

25What does everyone think of me?

26I can do this!

27Am I in the right class?

28I rather crack my skull on the stair tile...

29It sucks already

30Why is everyone so loud?!

Why is everyone so loud?!

31I think we'd rather be burning your information

32Ah shoot, I forgot everything!

33Let's learn

34Can I have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

35I just want to drop out of school already!