Top Ten Types of Siblings

1The Youngest

2The Convict

3The Bestie

4The Sidekick

5The Third Parent

6The "Whatever" Sibling

7The Twin

8The Good Example

9The Adopted

10The Annoying

11The Adult

12The Oldest

13The Bully

14The "Perfect" Sibling

15The Brother

16The Sibling that Commits Sibling Abuse

17The Partner in Crime

18The Bad Example

19The Liar

20The Plastic

21The Two-Faced One

22The Nosy Siblings

23The Leader

24The Stupid One

25The Drunk Sibling

26The Snitch

27The Cocky

28The accusing

29The Clown

30The Popular One

31The Spoiled Brat

32The Trouble Maker

33The Daddy's Girl/Boy

34The "baby"?