Top 10 Ways to Rebel Against Your Parents

1Get a piercing they won't allow you to have

Get a piercing they won

2Dye your hair if they don't let you have any unnatural hair colors

Dye your hair if they don

3Create an account on a website they have no idea about

4Flip them off

5Get a haircut they don't want you to have

6Give yourself a stick and poke tattoo

Give yourself a stick and poke tattoo

7Say "no" when they ask you to do something for them

8Hang out with people they don't approve of

9Have different views and opinions on everything

10Listen to music they don't let you listen to

Listen to music they don

11Say words they don't allow you to say

12Act like you are depressed

13Sneak out of the house

Sneak out of the house

14Wear clothing they don't allow you to wear

Wear clothing they don

15Watch movies they don't let you see

Watch movies they don

16Do drugs

Do drugs



18Stay up past your bedtime

19Never pick up your room

Never pick up your room

20Ignore them

21Pluck your eyebrows if they tell you not to

22Dress edgy

23Wear makeup if they won't let you

24Become emo

25Listen to music loudly with earphones and ignore them

26Claim to change sexuality

27Date someone they won't let you date