Top 10 Ways to Get Expelled From School

1Have sex at school

2Fail all tests

3Bring drugs to school

4Pull the fire alarm when there is no fire

5Intentionally destroy school facilities

6Insult a teacher

7Go to school naked

8Bring in nuts every day

9Start a fire

10Watch porn

11Fight with a mate

12Strip for people in the hallway

13Harass a teacher

14Assault the staff

15Threaten someone with a weapon

16Blow up the school

17Skip school

18Seduce your teacher

19Not do your work

20Pee on the floor

21Masturbate in class

22Dress inappropriately

23Do drugs

24Kill your class pet

25Walk out of the school

26Poop on the floor


28Play games in class



31Swear constantly


33Throw something at someone's head