Top 10 Things You'll Miss Most When You're a Teenager

1Your childhood

Your childhood

2Having it easy in school

Having it easy in school

3Not having periods

4Being popular in your family

5Lots of presents

Lots of presents

6Playing in playgrounds

Playing in playgrounds

7Opening presents on Christmas morning

Opening presents on Christmas morning



9Your metabolism

10Your toys

Your toys

11Your hairless body

12Your innocence

13Riding coin operated rides

Riding coin operated rides

14Your virginity

Your virginity

15Your parents doing stuff for you

16Sleeping on the sofa and magically waking up in bed

17Kid's meals

18Your old responsibilities

19Looking forward to going back to school

20Being able to swear without getting in trouble

21Your old friends

22Asking to play

23Not getting in trouble for accidentally vomiting everywhere

24Middle school

25Riding rocking horses

26Trying to stay up till midnight on new year's eve

27Being able to do stupid things and not getting in trouble for them

28Being as loud as you want

29Making a huge mess and not having to clean it up