Top 10 Reasons Why Trump Won the 2016 Election

1He won 4 major Democrat battleground states

2Trump had most of the non-college degree votes

3Hillary had few ads or appearances in the battleground states

4Trump made more appearances in battleground states

5Some Hillary supporters switched to Trump at the last minute

6Hillary got small states

7Americans are stupid

8Hillary had email stuff come up at the last minute

9Americans did not want another dynasty

10Because he said he will "make America great again"

11Hillary didn't get as many votes as Obama in the 2012 election from Hispanics, blacks, and women

12He's potentially the better choice of the 2 major candidates

13People think he is funny

14Trump had greater momentum throughout some battleground states

15Hillary kept slipping up


17No one wanted 4-8 more years of Obamacare

18Because Americans are brainwashed by populism

19He was the only chance left of electing a Republican

20Only Republicans showed up to vote

21Because the Alt Left was too mild

22When deciding who to vote for, many said it was choosing the "lesser of the 2 evils"

23As a protest vote against identity politics

24He does not support abortion

25Trump isn't a feminist