Top 10 Signs Someone is a Narcissist

1They act superior to everyone

They act superior to everyone

2They are always in control

They are always in control

3They get overly defensive

They get overly defensive

4They are sore losers

5They don't accept different opinions

6They don't listen to reason

7They blame others for their faults

8They have unstable and toxic relationships

9They live alone

10They make you believe that you are nothing without them

11They only talk about themselves

They only talk about themselves

12They may take advantage of you

13They refuse to admit that they're wrong

14They demand respect but they don't respect you

15They only care about themselves

16They treat people poorly based on financial status

17They lack empathy

18They lack remorse

19They act sarcastic

20They manipulate

21They gaslight

22They ghost you for a long time and only come to you if they need something

23They perceive everything as a slight

24They're mean

25They are selfish

26They are pathological liars

27They belittle others

28They don't have morals

29They never apologize for anything

30They feel entitled

31They need constant admiration

32They think they're more attractive than they really are