Top Ten Things You Love Most About Your Partner or Crush

1Their Intelligence

2Their Sense of Humour

3Their Looks

4The Fact They Love You Too

5Their Personality

6Their Charm

7Their Eyes

8The Way They Chat With You

9Their Willingness to Please

10Their Words

11They Enjoy the Same Things You Do

12Their Hair Style

13Their Patience

14Their Popularity

15Their Friendship

16Their Hair

17Their Voice

18Their Shyness

19Their Smile

20Their Sexuality

21Their Confidence

22Their Height

23They Can Make You Smile Just by Thinking About Them

24Their Kindness

25Their Determination

26Their Accent

27Their Flirting

28Their Insults Directed at You

29Their Enthusiasm for Life

30Their Nose

31Their Muscles

32The Way They Look at You

33The Way They Make You Smile

34Their Loyalty

35Their Laugh