Top 10 Greatest Philosophical Questions

1What is the meaning of life?

2Is there a God?

3Is there life beyond death?

4Where does it all come from?

5Where do we come from?

6Does free will exist?

7What is truth?

8What is the meaning of 'Right' and 'Wrong?'

9What is the nature of Knowledge?

10How much truth does religion have regarding the creation of the universe?

11What determines the fate of each individual?

12What is the purpose of it all?

13How can we be happy?

14Are people good or bad?

15Where are we going?

16If red looks like red to me, does the same colour look any different to others?

17How much longer will humans dominate the world?

18If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

19Can humans become immortal?

20To be or not to be?

21What is more important, the heart or the mind?

22What is a true meaning of life and death?

23Are humans capable of more?

24If we violate the Lord's Laws are we going to suffer?

25Is advanced AI feasible?

26Is a person who is always kind to others but secretly is constantly dreaming about hurting people really a good or bad person?

27Is God a spirit or a person?

28Is there something more bitter than the death?

29Can we one day control time?

30Can we cross the imagination barrier?

31Why are people greedy?

32Where is the end of beginning?

33How long is forever?