Top 10 Biggest Reasons People Give for Not Liking Conservatives

1They are Homophobic

2They Use Religion as an Argument

3They are Christian Extremists

4They Act Stupid

5They Can't Handle Different Opinions

6They Fight Against Certain People's Rights

7They are Hypocritical

8Donald Trump is a Conservative

9They Hate Poor People

10They are Represented by Fox News

11They are Transphobic

12They are Uneducated

13They Don't Believe in Climate Change

14They Don't Like Non-White People

15They Don't Believe in Universal Healthcare

16They are Pro-Life

17They Use the First Amendment to Defend Hate Speech but Whine About SJW Speech

18They are Pro-War

19They Love Guns

20They Don't Believe in Overpopulation

21They Hate Black People

22They Hate Michelle Obama for Pushing Healthy Food in Schools

23George W. Bush is a Conservative

24They Believe in the Death Penalty

25They Do Not Believe in Science.

26Their Political Jokes Aren't Funny

27They are Bigots

28They Want Everyone to Follow Their Rules

29They Think Liberals are Far-Left

30They Support Trump

31They Believe You Should Not Have Rights

32They Say Capitalism and Slavery are Just

33They are Racist

34They Aren't Nice

35They Live in the Past