Reasons Why Middle School Relationships Are Stupid

1Most of the time, it's not real love

2They cause you to be included in gossip

3Most people aren't mature enough

4Causes needless stress

5It usually ends after a few days

6Can lead to bullying

7All you do is hold hands and aren't actually dating

8You could get in trouble

9You probably don't have enough money to support them

10Your life shouldn't peak in middle school

11Usually ends in heartbreak

12Most of the boys are perverts

13They never even talk or just be awkward around each other

14Way too much drama, and always ends in crying

15Could lead to sexual intercourse

16They are based on looks and not love

17They hardly ever end up getting married

18It's a waste of time

19They do it to look cool not to love each other

20It always causes awkward conversations after the breakup

21Immaturity leads to distress

22They are too young

23You will get caught up in the relationship and not know how to end it and when it ends you'll be heart broken

24Can make you lose friends

25Makes your friends uncomfortable

26Can end up with blackmailing nudes

27You can't drive yet

28They may get into situations which should never happen in people their age.

29Leads to bad grades

30They don't know what they actually want and need

31Whenever they're hanging around you and your friends and see their crush, they just ditch you and go to him or her

32Everyone is so uncomfortable

33Leads to lost interest or care about school

34Most of your friends hate either the boyfriend or the girlfriend